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Jorge Zornberg - Zornberg Lecture

jorge zornberg1

May 21, 2019

Dr. Jorge Zornberg is being honored with the “Zornberg Lecture” series by the International Geosynthetics Society.

The “Zornberg Lecture” series has been established by the International Geosynthetics Society in recognition of Dr. Zornberg’s major contributions to the geosynthetics discipline, of his leadership in conceiving and organizing the first IGS GeoAmericas conference, and of his continued fostering of the IGS presence across the Americas.

The decision to initiate the “Zornberg Lecture” series came from the IGS Pan-American Activites Committee (PAAC) meeting in Seoul, Korea last September. The series includes a lecture by a prominent geosynthetics expert, to be delivered after the opening of IGS Pan-American Conferences on Geosynthetics, beginning with GeoAmericas 2020 in Rio de Janeiro. The lecture will recognize an individual whose work resulted in significant advances in concepts or technologies that had a significant impact on the practice of geosynthetics engineering in the Americas.