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VIDEO - Resilient, Sustainable, Healthy: Architectural Engineering at UT Austin


At The University of Texas at Austin, architectural engineering students test and utilize both sides of their brain to become the sustainable engineers of the future. We blend the creative and technical to provide an architectural engineering program that trains students to be tech-savvy, aesthetically minded and globally conscious problem solvers.

Our world-renowned professors teach through hands-on experiments and team-based projects, and our program is truly cross-disciplinary - our students graduate with an advanced understanding of how the engineers, the architects and the construction team collaborate to build, operate and maintain buildings.

We’ll teach you how to incorporate the fundamentals of math, science and engineering with architectural design concepts. Inside our newly renovated architectural engineering suite - which our students helped to design - you’ll learn to model and construct transformative building facilities. Outfitted with the latest equipment, the suite features a virtual lab, studio space and collaboration center that nurture the university’s vibrant architectural engineering community.

The Cockrell School’s architectural engineering program is the place for students who want to be both creative problem solvers and engineers.

Learn more at: caee.utexas.edu/architectural