Registration and Advising





  • **UPDATE** Course Registration Advising (by appointment) is available now until Friday, May 8th.
  • Course registration advising is only required if you are on Engineering and/or Scholastic probation. All other advising registration bars will automatically be removed PRIOR to registration.
  • CAEE advisors (Adele Magnani and Cameron Pride) will be available to advise students on Fall & Summer 2020 course options and degree plans, by appointment and via Zoom meeting.
  • Once you schedule your advising appointment, you will receive an email with the Zoom meeting information for the available advisor during your scheduled time.  The appointments will be 20 minutes in duration, but feel free to schedule another appointment if more time is needed.


Other Important Information for Registration:

  • **UPDATE** The Summer 2020 course schedule will be released on April 8th. Fall 2020 course schedule will be released on April 8th
  • **UPDATE** Registration for fall & summer will begin April 27th and goes in order of progress towards degree until May 8th. Check your Registration Information Sheet for YOUR registration time at (times should be available around April 9th).
  •  If there is something you feel needs to be updated on your Interactive Degree Audit, please email the CAEE advising office:
  • Don't forget the 'Helpful Links' on the right side of this page - get Transfer Equivalency Guides, Course Syllabi, and Course Instructor Surveys.
  • General information for Cockrell School policies such as Over 17 Hours Registration, and support services can all be found via the ENGR Direct website.  
  • Graduating Seniors: Last day to apply for Graduation is April 6th.  More information can be found here:


**Information about dropping a class (Q-drop) for Spring 2020 only**

  • **UPDATE** The Q-drop deadline has been extended to May 29th.
  • All drops this SPRING 2020 semester (including those that were made prior to COVID-19) will be treated as substantial, non-academic drops, and as such, will not count toward the 6-drop limit.
  • If you are planning to drop a class, please email Adele or Cameron about the course you are planning to drop and your plans on if/when you will retake the course.

 **Information about Pass/Fail (P/F) for Spring 2020 only**

  • If you are planning to change one or more of your courses to Pass/Fail, please email Engineering Student Services (ESS) at this address ( to make a request.  Be sure to include your EID and the course(s) you’re planning to drop in your email.
  • Pass/Fail deadline is May 29th.
  • If you have any questions about the Spring 2020 Pass/Fail policy, please contact Engineering Student Services (

Registration Requests

  • Non-CAEE Major Registration Requests
  • Non-CAEE students will be registered for ARE and C E courses on a first-come first-serve basis beginning on the first class day of Fall in the advising office. Students are required to meet all prerequisites for requested courses. Non-engineering students may ONLY take CE 301 or  ARE 217 in Fall; EVE 177K and 310 are not open to non-majors.

Core Curriculum