group standing and smiling, many wearing orange UT shirts

The Transportation Engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin is among the finest in the nation in transportation research and education.

  The renowned faculty and researchers at the Center for Transportation Research are at the forefront of advances in the field, and the students are among the best and brightest in the world. Graduates of the program go on to prominent transportation careers in industry, government, and academia.

The Civil Engineering graduate program in Transportation Systems is designed to provide a strong basis of fundamental engineering principles and methodologies, complemented with an appreciation of the broader context within which transportation systems operate, as well as practical experience in conducting research. Because of the broad-based composition, our program is like a microcosm of the transportation profession. Graduate students are thus immersed in an environment which exposes them to the full breadth of transportation activities, without sacrificing the depth essential to any serious graduate pursuit. Upon graduation, the student will be well prepared to assume responsible and leadership positions with consulting firms, contractors, governments, and industry, as well as with universities and research laboratories.