Advising and Registration

All graduate students in CAEE are required to be advised by their supervising professor or other faculty member in their area of research prior to registering for a given semester.  The basic advising and registration steps are:

  1. Pick up your advising card from the graduate coordinator.
  2. See your supervising professor for advising. If you don't yet have a supervising professor, see any available faculty in your area.
  3. List all courses for which you will be registering on the advising card. Your supervisor must sign/initial the card as proof of advising.
  4. Return advising card to graduate coordinator to have your advising bar cleared.
  5. Clear any financial/non-financial bars as listed on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS).
  6. Access the online registration system during your access times.
  7. Pay or confirm fee bill by stated deadline.