Travel Grants

Graduate students in CAEE are eligible to apply for a number of travel grants each year.  These grants provide partial support for students to attend professional meetings to present their research.  Priority is usually given to doctoral students who are in candidacy and who can use attendance at meetings to explore career opportunities.  However, master's degree students are occasionally given an award.

Kolodzey Travel Grant

With funds provided by the late Charles Kolodzey (MS 1946), this competitive award provides an opportunity for PhD students in the department to attend technical conferences, make oral and poster presentations about their research, and to develop a network of colleagues at other universities.  The maximum award is $1,000 to cover travel expenses, and only one award per year per student is allowed (maximum of two per student).  Applications are accepted for fall, spring and summer travel.

To be eligible to receive a travel grant, an applicant must be enrolled as a student during the semester in which the conference is held. Applicants must be admitted to candidacy prior to application (i.e., they should have completed the qualifying exam, selected their topic and dissertation committee, and filed candidacy paperwork). Students who have completed their proposal defense will be given preference for the awards. Students must have submitted an abstract to give an oral presentation or poster presentation at a conference.

  • Kolodzey Travel Grants - General Information (pdf)
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  • For fall 2020, due to covid-19 travel restrictions, awards will be granted to cover conference registrations that include virtual conferences at $250 maximum per award. We are opening up the award to apply to all professional development, rather than only to those presenting research. However, presentations are a priority and the total number of awards will be limited as in previous years. The award can cover registration for conferences being held this fall 2020, spring 2021, and summer 2021. 
    • The deadline for fall 2020 is November 11, 2020. The committee will make a decision  by November 20th

Professional Development (Travel) Awards

Each year the Graduate School allocates funding to the department for these awards.  Students must submit an application directly to the department graduate advisor who will determine the amount awarded.  The minimum award is $250, and only one award per year per student is allowed.  The application is available on the Graduate School website.

Graduate Engineering Council

The Travel Grant award is a consideration from the Cockrell School of Engineering to allay research related travel expenditures for engineering graduate students. Students may have traveled to conferences, workshops or other professional development related events, all of which are considered.  The application is available on the GEC website.