Graduate Advising

The Graduate Advisor oversees departmental admissions and financial aid, and certifies that students meet departmental and university requirements for graduation. Representing the Dean of Graduate Studies in all matters pertaining to the graduate program, the Graduate Advisor is the principal liaison between the department and the Graduate School. The Advisor is the point of contact for student grievances and appeals related to degree plans, advising and other academic matters. 

The department has a Graduate Coordinator who provides assistance in day to day operations and two faculty Graduate Advisors.


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Kathy McWilliams

Graduate Program Coordinator

office: ECJ 4.200

direct line: (512) 232-1709




Zhanmin Zhang, PhD

Graduate Advisor, Civil Engineering MS and PhD

office: ECJ 6.104

direct line: (512) 471-4534






Navid Saleh

Graduate Advisor, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering MS 

office: ECJ 8.608

direct line: (512) 471-9175