Student Academic Employment

Tips for Finding Student Academic Employment in CAEE:


  • CAEE students are usually given preference over non-CAEE students.
  • Each faculty member in CAEE makes the hiring decisions for their own course or research project.
  • The CAEE Department does not have an official application form (the areas/centers, however, may have their own forms).
  • Relatively few undergraduate jobs are available, so there is more competition.
  • End of semester/beginning of semester is usually the best time to ask around.
  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) must be graduate students and the position also requires certification. It is best to start the certification process before being hired as a TA (see TA Certification below).

Assignment titles:

  • Undergraduate students may be assigned an undergraduate research assistant (UGRA), an Undergraduate Assistant (grader), a Tutor, or a combination of these.
  • Graduate students may be assigned as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), a Graduate Assistant (grader), a Teaching Assistant (TA), or a combination of these.


  • Undergraduates must be registered for at least 12 hrs. (Fall/Spring).
  • Tutor qualifications:
    • current civil or architectural engineering undergraduate student
    • a minimum 3.0 overall and major GPA
    • earned a grade of A or A- in the course you tutor
    • authorization to work in the country
  • Graduates must be registered for at least 9 hrs. (Fall/Spring) and 3hrs. (Summer) with no incompletes.
  • UGRA positions do not usually require experience. GRA positions usually require experience/education in a particular area of study.
  • Graders may be undergraduate or graduate students and must have taken the course they are to grade and made an A or a B in that course. If coming from another university, faculty will make the determination whether or not a student is qualified. Most undergraduate classes have graders.
  • See TA certification information below.
  • More information about academic student employment
  • More information about international graduate student employment

Suggested Steps to Find Student Academic Employment:

  • For research positions:
    • Contact your faculty advisor or a faculty that knows you and ask if there are any positions.
    • Contact the centers to see if any faculty need help on a project.
    • Contact individual faculty to see if they need help on a project.
  • For grading positions:
    • Check the course schedule and see which classes are being offered that you have taken and then contact the faculty teaching the course. Many of the undergraduate courses will be allocated a grader position and a few graduate level ones.

  • For TA positions (graduate students only):
    • Check the course schedule and notice which classes have scheduled labs. Those classes will have a TA. Contact the faculty teaching the course.
    • Contact your faculty advisor or a faculty that knows you and ask if there are any positions.

We strongly advise that you do not spam faculty or staff with your resume.

TA Certification

  • TAs must be graduate students. The certification process should be started before being hired as a TA.
  • Cockrell School Teaching Assistant Certification is required for all first-time TAs in the Cockrell School. A workshop will be held close to the beginning of each semester. Graduate students who do not yet have a TA position are encouraged to attend.
  • English Certification: UT Austin conducts English Certification for TAs and AIs whose first language is not English and who will hold positions with student contact. New graduate students should schedule their certification as early as possible to qualify for future TA positions.

New Student Employee checklist

  • Please note: The I-9 form and background check need to be done before or on the first day of employment by meeting with the department human resources (HR) representative.
  • The I-9 form is required for all new employees, both citizen and noncitizen, to verify identity and US employment authorization.
  • This link provides a list of acceptable documents required when meeting with the department HR representative to complete the I-9 form. The documents must be original and unexpired.

US Employee Documentation

International Employees Documentation

Unexpired Passport, or

Unexpired Passport, and

Driver License and SS card, or

I-94 card, and

Driver License and certified birth certificate, or

I-20 or DS 2019

See lists for more options

See lists for more options

Insurance information:

Resident Tuition:

CAEE Department Contact:
Leslie McCroddan, Administrative Associate