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Current research in Structural Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is addressing a wide array of critical problems of the built infrastructure. Our faculty, students, and technical staff work together on research questions spanning from the fundamental to the highly practical. Much of our research combines large-scale experiments with advanced computational simulations.

We work on research related to buildings, bridges, offshore structures, large-scale industrial facilities, and many other types of structures. Bridge structures are a focus of much of our work, and we have one of the most active bridge research programs in the country. For all types of structures, our research addresses a breadth of problems, from assessing the condition of aging infrastructure, extending the life of existing structures, and developing innovative new design methodologies for new structures. We work on assessing and improving the performance of structures under extreme loads including earthquake, wind, fire, and blast. Other work is focused on modeling the dynamic response of structures, progressive collapse, development of sensors for civil infrastructure and structural health monitoring.

Our research programs in Structural Engineering are conducted at the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory located on The University of Texas at Austin Pickle Research campus. The Ferguson Laboratory has a long history of structural engineering research achievements and breakthroughs that have made a major impact on the practice of structural engineering and on our codes and standards for reinforced concrete, steel, and masonry structures. More information on the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory and examples of current or recently completed research by Structural Engineering faculty and students can be found at: