Two new faculty members joined Fariborz Maseeh Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering for the spring 2024 academic semester.

Xavier Fonoll Almansa

Dr. Fonoll Almansa completed his Ph.D. in Engineering and Advanced Technologies at the University of Barcelona, where he focused on innovative strategies to enhance the degradation of wastes, particularly lignocellulosic substrates, during anaerobic digestion. This early research laid the foundation for his future endeavors in environmental biotechnology. As a Postdoc at the University of Michigan and later as a researcher at the Great Lakes Water Authority, Dr. Fonoll Almansa continued to focus on microbial community engineering and chemical and biological processes to maximize resource recovery from wastes.

With an expansive research portfolio, Dr. Fonoll Almansa's is committed to advancing environmental engineering solutions. His work spans diverse areas, from anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal liquefaction to chain elongation. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, he has pioneered new processes for the extraction of beneficial products and energy from waste.

Courtney Gardner

Dr. Courtney Gardner earned her PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Duke University in May 2017 and currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at Washington State University. Her expertise lies at the intersection of environmental biotechnology and environmental engineering, where she applies molecular biotechnology to tackle pressing challenges in environmental quality.

With her new research program, Dr. Gardner will aim to assess microbial genetic adaptation to environmental stressors and manipulate microbial communities to enhance engineered systems and environmental quality.

Dr. Gardner's research goals align closely with the strategic mission of the department, affiliated centers, and the university as a whole. Her expertise will complement the existing faculty and create new opportunities for collaborative research endeavors.