Two teams from the University of Texas CAEE Department competed in the NASA Gateway to Blue Skies Aeronautics Competition. The competition, held in June at NASA’s Langley Research Center, featured airport design updated needed to accommodate climate-friendly aviation advancements. Per the competition’s website, “the Gateways to Blue Skies Competition is an initiative to engage college students in researching climate-friendly technologies and applications that will establish a net-zero emissions future for aviation.”  This year’s theme involved future planning, as students explored airport design 30 years from now, contemplating efficiencies and improvements across the industry, from alternative fuels to aircraft construction to airport infrastructure.

There were eight finalist teams total, with students enrolled a colleges nation-wide.

The 2023 Blue Skies Competition will focus on clean energy sources. Interested in competing? Contact our department to get connected.

Team 1
Project Title: Bluebonnet Skies
Winner of Best Presentation and Infographic
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shannon O’Brien
Team Members: Tay Nguyen, Julia Harris, Michael Reilly, Eduardo Terrazas

Team 2
Project Title: Airports Supporting the Future of Aviation
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lina Sela
Team Members: Alexandra Vaughn, Gaon Ok, Safaa Arif, Talia Elkhatib, Tiffany Huang, and Zoe Chen.

Team members Tay Nguyen, Julia Harris, Michael Reilly, Eduardo Terrazas at the NASA Blue Skies competition in Houston, Texas

2023 Competition