Misztal's project, entitled “Spatiotemporal Investigation of Urban Pollution and Air Quality (SPIN-UP-AQ)", involves testing air quality in Texas.

The award will support Misztal’s research for the next 5 years in the amount of more than $500,000, enabling the lab to test novel spatiotemporal measurements of air quality in Austin and in other urban regions of Texas. The lab will focus on quantifying chemical exposures not only to outdoor but also to indoor air pollution to expand our understanding of their combined impacts on human health.

The testing will be performed in various city regions and points in time, allowing Misztal’s team to better understand the effects of environmental factors on air quality. Technology has only recently advanced to the point where this type of sampling is possible. Misztal hopes to pinpoint areas of concern, or “localized pollution hotspots,” and determine the factors that create them.