The M.S. degree includes both coursework requirements and opportunities for research. To provide flexibility in balancing the emphasis between coursework and research in their M.S. program, students can choose from one of the following M.S. degree options: Thesis Option, Graduate School Report Option, Departmental Report Option, or Coursework Only Option. The requirements for these options are described in theĀ Civil Engineering M.S. degree program.

The four degree options allow students to vary the balance between coursework and research in their M.S. program. The Thesis Option has the largest emphasis on research among the three options. The Coursework Only Option has the largest emphasis on coursework among the three options. The Graduate School Report and Departmental Report Options can be considered to lie between the Thesis and Coursework Only Options in terms of emphasis on research.

Students are not required to choose among the four degree options at the time of initial enrollment in the M.S. program. Students should discuss the degree options with a faculty advisor and are encouraged to choose one of the four degree options sometime during their first semester or early in the second semester in the program.

Students that are funded as Research Assistants are expected to complete the Thesis Option. However, the Thesis Option is open to all M.S. students in Infrastructure Materials Engineering, whether or not they are funded on a research project. Students interested in completing a thesis, but are not funded as Research Assistants, are encouraged to discuss potential thesis topics with the faculty in IME.