Graduate and Undergraduate students in CAEE and those who are employed full-time by the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department are eligible for an access card. Requests by non-CAEE students employed by the CAEE Department will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Only authorized access card holders will be allowed inside the lab area after normal operating hours.


Card access control is a technique used to control the passage of authorized individuals "into" and/or "out of" a designated area. Authorized access into a controlled area can be allowed by an electric lock designed to bypass (or activate) the alarm system which signals the police of unauthorized access.
The card is coded to grant entry or exit through access control doors during a specific time frame. With your UT ID card you will be able to enter the LRC only through the door located at the far west side of 2.206. You can exit through any of the LRC doors.

Each use by the card holder creates a historical record, and an entry message is recorded. The message includes: individual card ID and the time the individual was entering the area. The computer then matches this data with the authorization data and decides if that card is valid. If each criterion is satisfied, the card holder is allowed entry. If not, entry is denied and the police receive a message that an entry was attempted with an invalid card. The historical record created by the card usage can be examined later if a security question arises concerning activity in the protected area.

Access control cards are issued by the University of Texas at Austin and controlled by the Civil, Architectural and Environment Engineering Department.

Getting your UT ID activated

No action is required on your part.  Effective Fall 2021, all current graduate and undergraduate CAEE students are automatically granted access to the Learing Resource Center and the Studio Classroom.  Simply waved your UT ID card in front of the reader located at the far west side entrance.

Deactivating your UT ID

When you graduate or leave the University, your ID card will automatically be deactivated so no action is required on your part.

Lost of stolen cards should be reported immediately to the UT ID Center. Invalidation of the card can be immediate and does not depend upon recovery of the card.