Every Cockrell School of Engineering student or UT student taking an Engineering class can obtain 1 GB of file space for personal information. Students should use this server storage instead of storing files on the local hard drive. Local hard drives are not backed up and in some labs all data is lost when the machine is rebooted. Your space is located on a network drive, \\austin.utexas.edu\disk\engrstu\yourDept\eid, where yourDept is, e.g. CAEE, and eid is your personal UT EID.

For detailed instructions on how to access your file space, click HERE.

UT Box

Box cloud storage is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business and academic use. 

To use the UT Austin Box Service, login HERE.

Desktop and Laptop Backup with UTBackup

Desktops and laptops can be particularly vulnerable to data loss, and manually backing up files can be a time consuming and tedious process. The UTBackup service provides faculty and staff who use desktops and laptops a simple and automatic tool for backing up and restoring their files. The UTBackup service uses the CrashPlan software. Please contact the department IT staff for assistance.