The CAEE department’s outstanding faculty are involved in both teaching and research, and they are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in their individual fields. More than 60 individual faculty, adjuncts, lecturers, and assistant instructors make up the teaching staff of the department. Fifteen faculty are members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), six of whom are actively teaching.

Nearly all undergraduate courses are taught by tenured or tenure-track faculty members, with a few specialized courses taught by adjuncts. Even in a department as large as CAEE, the undergraduate student-teacher ratio is about 11 to 1. In larger lecture classes, students often have related, smaller lab sections where they can receive more-individual attention from teaching assistants (TAs), who are under the close supervision of the course's instructor of record. Even the use of TAs relates to CAEE's commitment to teaching, as the TA appointments are not only a source of financial aid for our graduate students but also a source of teaching experience.

When it comes to graduate courses, essentially all are taught by tenured or tenure-track faculty members, and the student-teacher ratio is about 8 to 1.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of teaching, whether  inside or outside the classroom, and teaching certainly does take place outside of the classroom, too. For example, CAEE and other departments and organizations sponsor special lectures, such as the Distinguished Lecture Series, which are open to all. Graduate students meet weekly for presentations about their latest research. And, there are teachable moments in research labs, student organizations, and other activities.



Dr. Desmond Lawler, professor in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, has received several teaching awards throughout his career at UT, including the UT System Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award.