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  • Image Caption #1: Nicastro is one of the most respected forensics engineers in the area of cladding and exterior envelope analysis in the country. And he not only investigates failures but designs remedies for problems - in fact, he and his company, Building Diagnostics, Inc. (BDI) try very hard to prevent failures. The firm prides itself on years of successfully analyzing and remedying construction failures: from historical structures to highrise commercial office towers, residential properties, hospitals, and institutional facilities.
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  • Image Caption #2: Nicastro stays informed of technological advancements and industry developments through his professional society committee activities and relationships with both contractors and manufacturers.. To pursue original research, the created The Durability Lab, a testing center at Pickle Research Center, to study the durability of building components, identifying factors caused in premature failure.
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David H. Nicastro

M.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1985 
B.A. Mathematics, Pomona College, 1983

David Nicastro is the founder and CEO of a building-failure analysis firm, Building Diagnostics, Inc. with branches in four cities who contributes to standards development with insight gained by analyzing building failures. His work has set the standard for other companies both nationally and internationally and is a leader in advancing the field of forensics engineering related to building systems and closures.

Nicastro and his firm, Building Diagnostics, Inc., are the premier consultants for building envelope problems and solutions. He continues to excel and lead the industry by conducting ongoing research and testing of numerous products at the request of multiple national clients.

At a young age, he had an early inclination for architecture and railroads. He came to UT to study architectural engineering with the goal of becoming a forensic engineer. Dr. Fowler says he is the first student he ever encountered who wanted to go into forensics.

Nicastro not only investigates failures, he designs remedies for most of the problems his team investigates, and they try very hard to prevent failures of critical structures.

He is a strong believer in sharing knowledge and educating clients and engineering colleagues. He has regular speaking engagements and frequently publishes articles. In fact, he has published over 50 articles and wrote, edited or contributed to 4 books on durability and failure of building materials. One of the books was even required in Dr. Fowler’s graduate course on forensics engineering! He also the past chairman of ASTM Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants.

Nicastro gives back to UT by regularly making presentations, hiring our graduates, and even creating The Durability Lab, a testing center housed at Pickle Research Center.