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Vìctor Torres-Verdìn

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1984

M.S.E., University of Texas at Austin, 1982

B.S.C.E., Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico, 1980

Víctor Torres-Verdín is currently the CEO of the Torres Group of consulting companies in Mexico, specializing in pavement evaluation, pavement management systems, laboratory testing and quality control, geotechnical engineering, traffic engineering, and transportation planning.

He has been instrumental in implementing for the first time in Mexico various modern devices for evaluating pavements, including falling-weight deflectometers, laser profilers, ground-penetrating radars, multi-functional vehicles for distress data collection, and coefficient of friction testers. Some of the first pavement management systems (PMS) in Mexico have been developed under his leadership.

Torres-Verdín started his professional career as a project engineer, and eventually became the CEO of three important consulting companies, which have over 100 employees in total; they are recognized as the largest pavement engineering consultant in Mexico. 

He has been responsible for the gradual development of a comprehensive pavement materials lab, which includes a full “Superpave”-type facility for asphalt concrete pavements; this laboratory has also obtained complete quality management systems certifications in Mexico. His companies also established the first AASHTO-certified calibration center for falling-weight deflectometers south of the U.S. border.

In 1991, Torres-Verdín worked as an Assistant Professor and Research Engineer at Monterrey’s Institute of Technology (ITESM), Civil Engineering Department, and taught college courses on the following subjects: pavement design, geometric design, traffic engineering, and airport design. He has also conducted eleven continuing-education courses in Mexico in pavement management systems, pavement design, traffic engineering, transportation planning, and economic evaluation of projects.

Torres-Verdín was awarded the B.S. degree in Civil Engineering with highest honors by the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico in 1980.  He also holds an M.S.E. degree (1982), and a Ph.D. degree (1984), both in Transportation Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, which were obtained under the supervision of the late Prof. B. Frank McCullough, internationally known as the “Father of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements”. In 1986-1987, he was granted a post-doctoral fellowship by the French Government at the Central Laboratory of Bridges and Roads (LCPC, Nantes).