Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

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Environmental and water resources engineering is a broad discipline dedicated to addressing environmental issues in air, water, and soil. It includes a variety of sub-disciplines, such as water quality engineering, water resources engineering, outdoor and indoor air quality engineering, ocean engineering, and hazardous waste management. Sustainable engineering concepts are infused into these sub-disciplines and include the long-term environmental, economic, and social consequences of engineering practice.

The following is a glimpse of what environmental engineering students do at the University of Texas at Austin:


Matthew Bartos

Sergio Castellanos

Kasey Faust

Ben Hodges

Blair Johnson

Lynn Katz

Spyros Kinnas

Kerry Kinney

Mary Jo Kirisits

Manish Kumar

Desmond Lawler

Howard Liljestrand

David Maidment

Dev Niyogi

Paola Passalacqua

Caroline  Russell

Navid Saleh

Lina Sela

Gerald Speitel

Charles  Werth