Photo of Bayrak, Oguzhan

Bayrak, Oguzhan


Charles Elmer Rowe Fellowship in Engineering

Email: bayrak@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-7826
Office: ECJ 4.720

Photo of Clayton, Patricia

Clayton, Patricia

Assistant Professor

Email: clayton@utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-9176
Office: ECJ 4.708

Photo of Engelhardt, Michael

Engelhardt, Michael

Director Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory & Professor

Dewitt C. Greer Centennial Professorship in Transportation Engineering

Email: mde@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-6837
Office: PRC 177, ECJ 4.730

Photo of Fenves, Gregory

Fenves, Gregory

President, UT Austin and Professor

Cockrell Family Chair in Engineering #15

Email: fenves@utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-3300
Office: MAI 201

Photo of Helwig, Todd

Helwig, Todd


J. Neils Thompson Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Civil Engineering

Email: thelwig@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-2239

Photo of Hrynyk, Trevor

Hrynyk, Trevor

Assistant Professor

Email: thrynyk@utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-9177
Office: ECJ 4.706

Photo of Murcia-Delso, Juan

Murcia-Delso, Juan

Assistant Professor

Email: murcia@utexas.edu
Office: ECJ 4.732

Photo of Salamone, Salvatore

Salamone, Salvatore

Assistant Professor

Email: salamone@utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-3427
Office: ECJ 4.710

Photo of Williamson, Eric

Williamson, Eric

Associate Chair for Architectural Engineering & Professor

J. Hugh and Betty Liedtke Centennial Fellowship in Civil Engineering

Email: ewilliamson@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 475-6175
Office: ECJ 4.722, PRC 177

Photo of Wood, Sharon

Wood, Sharon

Dean & Professor

Cockrell Family Chair in Engineering #14

Email: swood@utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-1166
Office: ECJ 10.310, PRC 177

Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

Photo of Ghannoum, Wassim

Ghannoum, Wassim

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: ghannoum@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-0897
Office: ECJ 4.732

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Photo of Breen, John

Breen, John

Professor Emeritus

Nasser I. Al-Rashid Chair Emeritus in Civil Engineering

Email: jbreen@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-4578
Office: PRC 177

Photo of Frank, Karl

Frank, Karl

Professor Emeritus

Email: kfrank@uts.cc.utexas.edu

Photo of Furlong, Richard
Photo of Jirsa, James

Jirsa, James

Professor Emeritus

Janet S. Cockrell Centennial Chair Emeritus in Engineering

Email: jirsa@uts.cc.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 232-1706
Office: ECJ 4.726, PRC 177

Photo of Klingner, Richard

Klingner, Richard

Professor Emeritus

L.P. Gilvin Centennial Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering

Email: klingner@mail.utexas.edu

Photo of Yura, Joseph

Yura, Joseph

Professor Emeritus

Email: yura@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-4586
Office: PRC 177