Listed below are undergraduate and graduate courses in Structural Engineering and closely related fields. Descriptions for most courses are provided in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs of The University of Texas at Austin. Course offerings for each semester are listed in the Course Schedule available at the Registrar’s web site. Students should choose courses in consultation with a faculty advisor in Structural Engineering and in accordance with degree requirements.

Undergraduate Courses

  • CE 329 Structural Analysis
  • CE 331 Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CE 335 Elements of Steel Design
  • CE 362M Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CE 362N Advanced Steel Design
  • CE 363 Advanced Structural Analysis
  • ARE 345K Masonry Engineering
  • ARE 362L Structural Design in Wood

Graduate Courses

Structural Analysis

  • CE 381P Computer Methods in Structural Analysis
  • CE 381R The Finite Element Method
  • CE 381T Numerical Modeling of Physical Systems
  • CE 381W Introduction to Wave Physics
  • CE 384P Dynamic Response of Structures

Structural Concrete

  • CE 383L Advanced Reinforced Concrete Members
  • CE 383P Prestressed Concrete
  • CE 383R Repair and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • CE 383S Structural Concrete Bridges 
  • CE 383T Plasticity in Structural Concrete
  • CE 397 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

Structural Steel

  • CE 382L Plastic Design in Metals
  • CE 383D Steel Bridge Design
  • CE 397K Stability of Structures
  • CE 397L Advanced Structural Metals
  • CE 397 Advanced Steel Design

Design for Extreme Loads

  • CE 384R Earthquake Engineering
  • CE 383F Structural Fire Engineering
  • CE 384T Blast-Resistant Structural Design

Other Courses

  • CE 384S Structural Reliability
  • CE 397 Structural Health Monitoring - Nondestructive Evaluation
  • CE 397 Probabalistic Analysis and Design

Additional Courses of Interest for Structural Engineering Graduate Students

To add breadth to their graduate education, MS and PhD students should consider including courses from outside the Structural Engineering area as part of their overall coursework program. The following is a list of suggested courses that may be used to complement and broaden the coursework program for Structural Engineering graduate students. The list is not intended to be exhaustive; it is provided merely to illustrate the wide variety of course available outside the Structural Engineering area. Students should discuss their interests in these and any other courses with their faculty advisor in Structural Engineering.

Civil Engineering - Undergraduate

  • CE 351 Concrete Materials
  • CE 358 Introductory Ocean Engineering
  • CE 360K Foundation Engineering
  • CE 375 Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures

Civil Engineering - Graduate

  • CE 380P-4 Boundary Element Methods
  • CE 387G Engineering Geology
  • CE 387L-2 Foundation Engineering
  • CE 387R-4 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • CE 387T Decision, Risk and Reliability
  • CE 393 Advanced Concrete Materials
  • CE 393C Experimental Methods in Cement Chemistry
  • CE 395R-7 Building Information Modeling for Capital Projects
  • CE 393N Novel Structural Materials
  • CE 395U Advanced Legal Concepts
  • CE 397 Concrete Durability
  • CE 397 Advanced Concrete Processing
  • CE 397 Sustainable Materials

Engineering Mechanics - Undergraduate

  • EM 339 Advanced Strength of Materials

Engineering Mechanics - Graduate

  • EM 380 Theory of Plasticity
  • EM 386R Analytical Methods I
  • EM 386L Analytical Methods II
  • EM 388 Solid Mechanics I
  • EM 388L Solid Mechanics II
  • EM 388F Fracture Mechanics
  • EM 389J Experimental Mechanics
  • EM 394F Finite Element Methods


  • M 383C Methods of Applied Mathematics
  • M 383D Methods of Applied Mathematics
  • M 383E Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra
  • M 384C Mathematical Statistics
  • M 385C Theory of Probability
  • M 385D Theory of Probability

Mechanical Engineering

  • ME 378K Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • ME 380Q-1 Engineering Analysis: Analytical Methods
  • ME 382T Fire Science
  • ME 383Q.2 Vibrations
  • ME 386P.2 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • ME 386Q.10 High-Temperature Materials