Architectural Engineering is the study of buildings and building performance and includes construction engineering and project management, indoor environments and building systems, green building, structural engineering, and construction materials. The program combines fundamental strengths in each of these areas with a unique and internationally-recognized interdisciplinary program in indoor science and environmental engineering.

There is an undergraduate program in Architectural Engineering as well as an M.S. degree program.


Faculty in Architectural Engineering (LINK)
Associate Chair for Architectural Engineering: Eric Williamson
Administrative contact: Howard Liljestrand
Architectural Engineering graduate program website

Research Centers

Center for Construction Industry Studies (CCIS)
Center for Energy and Environmental Resources (CEER)
Construction Industry Institute (CII)
Construction Materials Research Group (CMRG) / Concrete Durability Center (CDC)
Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory (FSEL)
Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering (IGERT)