M.S. Thesis Option

The thesis option requires 24 hours of coursework plus 6 hours of thesis.  Only graduate and upper division undergraduate courses will apply towards the MS degree. A maximum of nine hours of upper division undergraduate work is allowed with no more than six hours in either the major or supporting area.  At least six hours but no more than twelve hours must be taken outside the major area of study.

During the first semester of your MS program you should select a supervising professor. By the end of the semester you and your supervising professor should have a detailed objective and scope outlined for the thesis. To do this some literature review is required. It is essential that you personally invite at least one and preferably two faculty members in addition to your supervising professor to serve on your thesis supervising committee. The members of the supervising committee should be kept informed of the progress of your research. It is your obligation to submit an acceptable thesis to the Graduate School. Therefore, every effort should be made to complete your thesis before you leave campus and take employment elsewhere.

When you begin actual work on your thesis research, you need to begin registering for thesis (698A). You must then be continuously registered for 698B each succeeding semester until graduation. Civil Engineering and Environmental and Water Resources Engineering majors (code 621700 and 640100 respectively) register for CE 698A/B. Thesis is taken on a CR/NC basis.

Early in the semester you plan to graduate you should read about graduation guidelines and deadlines on the Graduate School website. Included in this material is a list of deadlines you must meet during the semester in order to graduate. The following steps constitute the usual procedure for preparing to graduate:

  1. Register for CE in your final semester.
  2. Submit a hard copy of your MS Program of Work (POW) form (available on the CAEE website or from the graduate coordinator) to the graduate coordinator prior to filling out the Master’s Graduation Application Form online.The actual time frame for submission is set by the Graduate School. After you have submitted your online graduation application, your electronic POW will automatically be sent to your Graduate Coordinator and Advisor for approval. Your electronic POW will then be submitted to the Graduate School to be made a part of your permanent record. Students will be required to have a GPA of at least 3.0 for courses included on the POW.
  3. Upload a pdf of your thesis to the Texas Digital Library (TDL) by the last class day. A format check of your thesis is recommended before turning in your work. No extensions to the deadline will be granted.

If, after filing for graduation, you find that you will not complete the degree requirements that semester, you should notify the Graduate School and the Graduate Coordinator. A new Master’s Graduation Application Form must be submitted at the beginning of the next semester you hope to graduate.

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