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CAEE Student Ambassador Program

The Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering is excited to introduce the CAEE Student Ambassador Program!


The Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Ambassador Program is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to serving the department and surrounding Texas community by participating in various outreach events. The goal of this organization is to provide peer mentorship and enrich the greater Austin community by engaging in STEM-related events.

Benefits to Ambassador Students

-  Develop valuable leadership and communication skills
-  Be a student role model to encourage CAEE students to develop their potentials both academically and socially
-  Work closely with CAEE faculty, staff and administration
-  Develop interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, organizational, public speaking and problem-solving skills.
-  Enhance your résumé-building in public speaking, event planning, and marketing.
-  Receive a certificate of completion for volunteer service.

Participate Expectations 

The CAEE Ambassador group is required to attend the following events held annually throughout Austin, by the University of Texas and the CAEE Department. A combined minimum of 15 hours is required of every ambassador per semester.
-  Gone to Engineering (starting Fall 2020)
-  Austin Regional Science Festival (Late February)
-  Industry Open House (November)
-  WEP Girl Day (February 22, 2020)
-  Explore UT (March 7, 2020)

Additionally, the ambassadors will be active in volunteering for the following events on a need basis. Ambassadors will also be the point of contact for last-minute prospective student requests. A few examples include:
-  Advising
-  Monthly prospective student session/panels
-  Student tours
-  EAC meetings
-  Spring Banquet
-  Administrative Support

Lastly, the ambassadors will be encouraged to attend other STEM outreach events within the Austin & Texas community.

Ambassador Program - Committees

There are four committees within the CAEE Ambassador group to help meet the Department’s Strategic Goals. Each Committee will be chaired by an ambassador member and is responsible for following through with each assigned responsibility.

Career and Corporate Development
- Actively find ways to encourage students to participate in internship opportunities. Charged with helping organize and promote Industry Open House.

Community Building & Social Media Presence
- Actively find ways to engage CAEE students & faculty in Cockrell School/UT events. Charge with scheduling ambassadors for internal CAEE events and campus activities.

Freshman and Prospective Student Enrichment
- Actively engage with prospective students. Charged with finding innovative ways to educate the public/Texas about Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.

- Actively find opportunities within the community for ambassadors to participate in. Charged with scheduling ambassadors to participate in external outreach events.

*Other related duties as assigned.

Application Process

Applications are now being accepted! 
Apply Here!

Following the application submittal, a formal 30-minute interview will be conducted to ask additional questions and make sure the applicant is a suitable fit for the program. Committee Chairs will also be chosen and the others will be assigned a group based on their preference.

Chosen applicants are expected to serve for a year-long term and will be able to continue to serve until they chose not to. To opt out of participating in the organization, ambassadors must give proper notice.



1. If a student is unable to complete the required amount of volunteer hours they must have valid reasoning. Without valid reasoning, the student must full-fill their required hours through any form of community service.

2. If a committee leader is unable to promptly and effectively lead their team then they will be asked to step down and a new lead will be appointed.

3. If a student commits to an event and fails to show up for the event without proper reasoning, they will be given a warning. If missed appointments persist, the student will be dismissed from the program. 

4. If a student is unable to attend a meeting or training due to class conflict, they must have valid proof and sign off on the minutes posted.

5. If any student is disrespectful to a sponsor or an event coordinator then they will be removed from the program.

6. If any of the ambassador gear is lost, the student will be expected to pay for their next shirt or nametag.