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Winners Announced - First Annual CAEE Student Challenge


April 17, 2015

CAEE undergraduate students were recently challenged by Department Chair Richard Corsi to produce a video related to the department's strategic vision. 

The winning team, Boots & Cats, was announced at the 13th Annual Spring Banquet on April 16, 2015. Boots & Cats team members are civil engineering senior Luis Galindo and civil engineering junior Zelenny Lozano.

Banquet attendees had the opportunity to view the winning video as well as three runner-up videos.  All teams who placed received recognition.

The Challenge:

  • Produce a video that is less than 180 seconds in total length.
  • The video must relate to one or more of the major components of the CAEE strategic vision.
  • Videos may be humorous or serious, but must be aimed at educating, and suitable for, the general public.
  • Videos must contain information that is technically defendable.
  • Videos must include at least one image or scene from somewhere on the UT Austin campus.
  • Videos must include a CAEE professor doing something in the background.2

Scoring (points):

  • Relevance to CAEE strategic vision   25
  • Impact (video leaves a clear, memorable, and impactful message)    25
  • Quality (video is innovative, professional, organized in thought, and clear)    25
  • Technically defendable (information provided is correct and from reliable sources)    25
  • Innovative use of professor in background (up to +10 bonus points for innovation)    
  • Time (-1 for every sec over 180 sec)
  • Professor in background (-10 points if excluded)

Runner-up video entries

2nd Place - The Civilians (John Goode, Peter Park, Rachel Pine, Rahul Patel)


3rd Place - A and F, LLC (Rachel Allensworth, Bruno Chiquini, Hagen Fritz)


4th Place - UHI@UT (Lauryn Altena, Lilian Gonzales Arechaga, Gitanjali Bhattacharjee, Tarek El-Afifi, Raul Olvera)