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Maria Juenger - American Ceramic Society Fellow

headshot of Maria Juenger


April 10, 2015

Maria Juenger was recently elevated to the grade of Fellow of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS). 

Often hidden, ceramic components are critical in nearly everything that makes modern life possible – from computers, cell phones, jet engines and armor, to skis, tennis rackets and hip replacements.

ACerS supports these innovations by pursuing the mission “to advance the study, understanding, and use of ceramics and related materials, for the benefit of our members and society. “

Fellows are selected for their outstanding contributions to the ceramic arts or sciences; through broad and productive scholarship in ceramic science and technology, by conspicuous achievement in ceramic industry or by outstanding service to the Society.

Recognition of Juenger’s achievement will be given at the ACerS Honors and Awards Banquet at the 117th Annual Meeting in October 2015.