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Newly Promoted CAEE Faculty

image of three headshots, Amit Bhasin, Maria Juenger, and Jorge Prozzi

L-R: Amit Bhasin, Maria Juenger, and Jorge Prozzi

Sept. 22, 2014

"Great scholars make a great department and university," says Department Chair Richard Corsi, "Amit, Maria, and Jorge are great scholars. Their research improves the physical fabric of cities, all the while maintaining a focus on sustainable materials that shape our world. I am proud of their unwavering dedication to teaching and mentoring of students who will one day serve as leaders who continue their positive impacts on society."

Amit Bhasin, promoted to Associate Professor, joined the department in 2008. His expertise is in the area of infrastructure materials with emphasis on flexible pavement materials. His current research advances and integrates knowledge from materials science and experimental mechanics. Bhasin's ongoing and recent work is focused on the design of high performance materials, promoting the use of recycled materials, and improved performance characterization of conventional pavement materials. He is also actively involved in several efforts to innovate undergraduate education.

Maria Juenger, promoted to Professor, joined the department in 2002. Her expertise is in infrastructure materials engineering. Her current research includes understanding and developing natural and waste-derived supplementary cementitious materials to reduce the amount of portland cement needed to make concrete, reducing the adverse environmental impact and cost, and improving long-term concrete durability. Her energetic and easy to follow teaching style is greatly appreciated by our students.

Jorge Prozzi, promoted to Professor, also joined our department in 2002. His expertise is in transportation engineering and his research includes highway materials, design and management; applications of probability and statistics to pavement engineering problems; and econometrics modeling. He is the Director of the International Pavement Preservation Center which focuses on multi-disciplinary research in engineering, economics and management. His approachability and attention to ensuring students gain useful knowledge and experience is an asset to the department.