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Steve Boyles and Chadi El Mohtar Receive CAREER Awards

headshot of Stephen Boyles  headshot of Chadi El Mohtar

Steve Boyles and Chadi El Mohtar

Steve Boyles, Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering, and Chadi El Mohtar, Assistant Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, are the recipient of CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation. Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards from the National Science Foundation recognize promising young faculty and supports their research with five years of funding.

Boyles’ proposal is entitled “Integrated Multiresolution Transportation Network Modeling” and the objectives of the work are to the investigate the relationships between transportation networks of different scales/sizes, learn how to quantify these relationships, and discover the implications for transportation planning.

El Mohtar's proposal is entitled “Balancing Rheology and Filtration: An Experimental and Probabilistic Approach for Suspension Flow and Sustainability in Heterogeneous Granular Media.” The goals of the work are to develop scientifically-based approaches to upgrade existing geotechnical infrastructure systems using grouting.

For more information, contact: Linda Keyte.