Academy of Distinguished Alumni

tom taylor

Thomas W. Taylor

B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1959

Since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1959, Thomas Taylor has been a leader and innovator in the building industry throughout his 49 year career as a structural engineer. He joined Frank Chappell & Associates after graduating and assumed leadership of the company in four years. Taylor incorporated the company as Datum Engineers and has helped it grow into a nationally recognized firm of 60 people.

A student of both art and architecture, he has built a successful practice by creatively applying structural engineering to support the artistic vision of architectural clients. He has been a Project Manager and Principal in Charge on over 40 structures in the Dallas Central Business District such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, ThanksGiving Square Chapel, Dallas Police Memorial, Federal Reserve Bank and the Dallas Convention Center.

Taylor was a pioneer in the development of several new structural systems, including the “stack wall” concept for precast parking structures, slender slip-formed concrete cores for bracing high rise buildings, and a versatile reinforced brick cavity wall system. His concept of exposed arch pipe trusses suspending the roof of the expanded Dallas Convention Center created the largest column-free exhibit hall space in the U.S. and has become a prominent part of the Dallas skyline.

Focusing much of his attention on downtown Dallas, Taylor has been active in civic affairs for many years. He has served as Vice President for Programming for the Greater Dallas Planning Council, the Advisory Committee for ThanksGiving Square, the Cotton Bowl Dome Foundation and the Preservation Dallas Board.

For over 20 years, Taylor has been making presentations to the introductory architectural engineering class at UT. Taylor has also made it a point to hire architectural engineering and civil engineering graduates from UT.