Staff Awards

Each year, the University, the Cockrell School of Engineering, and the CAEE department honor the invaluable contributions of staff members whose outstanding dedication, competence, conscientious performance, and excellent customer service, or ingenuity has had a significant impact on the university, college, and department.

2017 CAEE Staff Excellence Award

  • Leslie McCroddan
  • Cori Turner

 Award recipients were recognized at the 2017 annual spring banquet.


Previous Recipients

2016 CAEE Staff Excellence Award

  • Michelle Damvar
  • Velma Vela

2015 CAEE Staff Excellence Award

  • Sharon Bernard
  • Laura Klopfenstein

2014 Cockrell School of Engineering Staff Excellence Award

  • Hortensia Peoples

2014 CAEE Staff Excellence Award

  • Kevyn Barnes
  • Phil Tomlin

2014 University Outstanding Staff Award

  • Erika Corbell                
  • Sarah Janak                 

2013 CAEE Staff Excellence Awards            

  • Kristi Delaney      
  • Erick Fontenot
  • Vicki Simpson

2012 CAEE Staff Excellence Awards            

  • Joanne Belsley       
  • Annette Perrone

2011 CAEE Staff Excellence Awards            

  • Molly Gully       
  • Lisa Macias

2011 University Outstanding Staff Awards            

  • Nuria Ayala       
  • Shannon Palmquist       
  • Annette Perrone

2010 CAEE Staff Excellence Awards            

  • Danny Quiroz       
  • Chris Trevino

2010 Cockrell School of Engineering Staff Excellence Awards            

  • Michael Burns     
  • Kathy Rose       
  • Ashley Williams

2010 University Outstanding Staff Awards            

  • Dori Eubank       
  • Ashley Williams